Mimamai is a marketplace focused on children's articles. Our team has recruited and selected craftspeople, stylists and designers who create unique accessories and high quality children's clothing.

Our main task is to always offer a selection of hand-tailored artisanal items characterized by uniqueness and excellence.

We selected handmade artisanal products, manufactured by private crafters and professionals from around the world. See our hand made baby girl clothing or our baby clothes and you'll surely acknowledge the care and uniqueness in the crafting.

Visiting our boutiques and going through our items, from baby girls skirts to baby boys sweaters you will only find unique hand-tailored items by artists from around the world.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, baby body, hand-embroidered linen set, handmade children's clothes or if you're only searching for inspiration to your creativity, you're in the right place!